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Mauro Fernandez

Mauro Fernandez

Going back to the early days of playing football. What can you remember about the football grounds you first started playing on?

The first things that come to my mind during my early days is growing up playing on football grounds made of dirt and rocks. That’s how it began in my home town where I started playing with my friends. From there, the grounds I played on got better as i progressed.

From starting at the bottom, one learns to love the game for what it is and understand different pressures you may have. In the end, I just enjoy every moment I get to play on any type of ground!


Who were the players you idolised as a child? Is there any that really got you excited and inspired about the game?

I always admired Carlos Tevez, ‘cause of his great personality.

Especially when playing football; I really like the way he plays. Also because of his life story; how he got started, where he came from, to where he is now.




Would you say you have a bit of character and personality when you play?


Yes of course. It’s a game that you need to have a strong personality.

There are a lot of ups and downs in this sport and you have to stay strong and focused and try and get away from the negativity. You just need to keep going and focus on the good.

Always remember how you got to where you are now and enjoy it!


What do you do in your spare time, off the pitch?


I like to keep training myself, trying to perfect my skills and to get better on the field. I also enjoy going to the cinema a lot and sharing great moments with my close friends.




You are now playing for FC Juárez and living here in Mexico. How would you describe what went through your head when you first arrived to this country and first played at the Estadio Olímpico Benito Juárez?


Mexico has become a very big competitive and important league, so I had a lot of ambition coming and playing here. I am really enjoying this moment; being part of such a great team and a great country.

The fans here are amazing, so it gives me that extra motivation. It’s been great so far!


Tell us about your tattoos?


My tattoos have different meanings related to moments I have shared with my family and friends and other personal experiences.


What is your favourite TV show?

I love watching sports…and sports. Whatever there is, that has to do with sport!



What was the best memory you can think of from your football career?


Winning the seasons with my team mates. I play because I enjoy the sport and it makes me happy; I love what I do! But, there’s no better feeling than being a champion after all the hard work and effort throughout each season. Winning a season and sharing that with my team is the best possible memory in my football career.


Any advice to upcoming professional footballers?


Have faith, patience and self-belief. I believe they are both very important as you have to learn to have patience, take opportunities that come your way and be the best that you can be! Opportunities will come to those who never quit, train hard, have faith and believe in themselves.

It’s very important to have patience for those opportunities to come and when they do, take them and make the most of them. Give it your all and remember to self-reflect on the things you sacrificed or a struggled with and how far you have come to achieve your dreams. 





You come from a small town located in Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina. Tell us how you got noticed by the big clubs and from there, what where your steps?


Like I mentioned previously, I played many years for a small, but familiar club in my home town.

I thank God that my old club had the chance to be promoted to a higher league and that we had a great season.

That is when the higher league first took notice in me. From then on, my professional career began and I started playing in the Argentinean First Division.

It is my greatest achievement and the best feeling.

It is so competitive and I thank God for this chance I got given and those who noticed my talent.


Mishon is a new sportswear brand which mainly specialises in football and is making a global impact quickly. If you can just name one Mishon product right now that you love wearing most, which is it and why?


I have the privilege of owning some Mishon pieces. My favourites would have to be the t-shirts. They are very comfortable, very stretchy and the quality is just unreal! Mishon has come so far since I first heard about the brand. In general, Mishon offers such great quality and styles.