our story

Mishon is an international sportswear & lifestyle brand, manufacturer and online retailer based in Australia and Argentina. 

Mishon is inspired by athletes and supported by our highly engaged customers around the globe. Our movement was founded by Jonathan Paterno, a young and motivated ex-footballer who had a vision to stand out and go beyond the next level. 

Within a year of launching, Mishon had outgrown the small garage where it started and rapidly reached international level. It is continuing to expand and gather more of a following. 

Mishon is becoming one of the fastest growing and most recognised brands. 

A want to produce innovative and effective performance wear, with a comfort 

fit to the body is the intention. From everyday lifestyle to high intensity training– every design is created to help you reach your full potential. 

~ be inspired. 

our values


Mishon is made up of a close knit family that spans all over the world. We are like-minded people working to spread our visions across the world. 


Mishon strives to make the best quality clothing for our customers to enhance their performance in both fitness and their life. 


Mishon is a brand all about creativity and ideas, we aim to bring new ideas to our brand and show our team's talents across all our networks.